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Tools To Help Managers Manage

Executive and Line Managers in Indigenous corporations are a breed that has done it the hard way. In our experience, they are people who have worked their way through more and more responsible positions in Government agencies or not-for-profit and Indigenous organisations, learning the ropes as their careers progressed. Anything they know about managing people, project management, making decisions, analysing situations and organisational structures have been learned by doing, failing, and trying again. If you contrast that with the general careers of commercial company management, these people studied a management-related topic in college or university like Accountancy, Management, Business, or also came through the ranks but in the professional trades like Engineering. If they actually worked through the ranks, once identified as management material, they would almost certainly have been sent to a management course. This is a very different way of gaining knowledge and expertise in that strange skill called management. (more…)...
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