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Keep Emotions Out of Negotiations

Negotiating is part of being a small business owner. You negotiate contracts with suppliers. You negotiate employment contracts with your employees. You negotiate sales agreements, you negotiate pay-rises, you negotiate your rent! More often than not it is a stressful process (if not for you, then certainly for the other party) because the "normal" mindset is that one party loses to some extent, and the other party wins. So, you get ready to do your best when you enter that room, in order to "win". Once you allow that mindset to establish itself, negotiations become an emotional exercise - we get stressed, as I've already said; we get angry, we get fearful, we feel like celebrating, we feel wronged, we feel tough, we feel weak. But it doesn't have to be like that. (more…)...
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The Strategic Planning Process

One of the most important forward-looking initiatives any Indigenous organisation can take is to prepare a definitive strategic plan, looking at least 5 years ahead. A strategic plan sets the strategic direction of the organisation and translates the organisation's vision into a roadmap over the next few years, showing how it will carry out its mission. Without a clear, documented strategic plan, your priorities will change from time to time depending on external stimuli at the time. You will not have clear milestones against which to measure progress, nor will you have measurements on whether or not you are fulfilling the mandates provided by your members. With a strategic plan you can look clearly ahead at least 5 years and set targets as goals, ensuring that each year, you are moving toward ultimately achieving your organisation's vision and purpose. (more…)...
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