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Increase your sales through a highly focused marketing plan!

SMART Marketing
smart marketing
This is Teik’s popular book on an easy 7 step process to prepare a highly focused and pragmatic marketing plan. When you market your products, don’t fire a shotgun and hope you find a customer, hone in on what your product means to your customer and target the right customer.
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The SMART Marketing Workbook
smart marketing workbook The companion workbook to “SMART Marketing”, that takes you and your team through a series of brainstorming workshops to prepare and implement your SMART Marketing Plan. Be guided through questionnaires and templates as if an experienced facilitator were present, and in 4 to 6 weeks be prepared to implement your sales boosting strategies. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu....
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We are moving!

As of Monday 17th January 2015 we will be moving offices to:- Suite 11, 61 Flynn Street, Wembley 6014. Our postal address and telephone number will not change....
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