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Poor Customer Service Caused by Lack of Systems

There. The title has said it all. Poor customer service is almost always caused by a lack of systems. That's it, fix the systems and we can all go home early! No, of course it's more involved than that, but that is basically the problem. Let me take you through a real-life case study. I have a business that supports OTS Management - I won't tell you how because we are still doing business and I don't want them to feel bad. But once I explain the situation, you may wonder if it's you, because that's how common the problem is. Once I was able to show them what the consequences could have been, and showed them how to fix the problem, they became clients as well as suppliers to OTS Management. So what happened? (more…)...
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Tax Updates for August 2017

In this tax update:-
  • Work related expense claims under scrutiny
  • ATO guidance on work-related travel expense deductions
  • Small business asset write offs
  • Tax debts - setting up a payment plan
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Annual Board Self-Assessments Are a Must!

One of the most important tools in ensuring that your governance operates at best-practice is to implement an annual Board Self-Assessment process. A strong, efficient and productive board of directors is a clear indicator of a healthy corporation. However even the best performing Boards need a periodic assessment to ensure that it doesn't just manage, but will really thrive in today’s evolving challenges. To provide a check-up of your board’s performance, and to identify the required practices and strategies for a healthy and productive Board, the best place to start is with an honest board self-assessment. Yet in a governance survey conducted by BoardSource, only 51% of Not-For-Profit organisations responded that they use a formal self-assessment to evaluate their Board's effectiveness. So, where do you start? (more…)...
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