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Small Business Owner or Employee of Your Business?

Most of my clients are small business owners and they might be surprised by the challenge in the title of this week’s article. Are you a small business owner – or are you actually a hard-working employee – for yourself? A lot of my readers won’t want to hear this, but you must hear it if it is the truth. What is the difference? What makes you a small business owner, and what makes you an employee of your business? Successful small business owners are driven. But then so are successful hard-working employees. But what drives them are two different things. A hard-working employee is driven to be good at their job. They take pride in a job well done. They work hard to make sure it is done well. They take pride in working on the details and working in the business. If you are working hard in your business, are you sure you are not merely investing in a job? As a mere employee, you may deeply and rightly believe that you are doing your best and working hard. You certainly are but you are working hard in your job, within your job description, within the parameters, working hard at the procedure or in the...
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