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The Vision Driven Plan

Stephen Covey, author, personal and leadership development guru is coming to Perth for a seminar at Burswood on the 29th of May next week. For those of you who cannot attend and who have not read his books The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Principle-Centred Leadership, I suggest you get those books and see how a business can be run effectively on core-principles. At OTS Management we believe in placing our core-values squarely in the centre of our planning and business decisions. Our Vision Statement drives our everyday behaviours, moulds our culture and provides the parameters for our long-term strategic planning as well as our annual business plans. Vision_mission_goals_core_values When we facilitate planning projects for our clients we start with the end in mind and ensure that the client has an enunciated vision for the business and that it is quantifiable so that each goal and objective can be squarely measured as well as relate in a straight line from the vision those goals and objectives are designed to achieve. Our model is that, from the Vision comes clarity of action. Your planning project should:-
  1. Clarify and Quantify...
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The New Style of The Square Orange

Over the years, our client newsletter "The Square Orange" has received complimentary and flattering feedback. Our clients have forwarded it to their colleagues and friends, sharing information and ideas. Oie__25_the_square_orange_may_2007_ As a result of this marvelous reception, we have had a major re-think and decided to make it available to the public as the OTS Management News-Weblog. We hope you will find it just as informative, and in its new public site, even more readily available to you and your friends. You can forward the URL (that's address of the website to the not-so computer literate) through some automatic links in your internet explorer by sending the page or the link by e-mail, or you can simply tell them to go to https://otsmanagement.com.au/blog and being on the web it is accessible at any time from any where. We will be posting entries every month so please add it to your favourites in your internet explorer or bookmark it. You can even subscribe to its feed by clicking on the link at the right. This will send you a quick email every time an article is posted so that you can...
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