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6 Steps To Prepare For A Catastrophic Event

COVID-19 - who knew? Such a catastrophic global event has shut many businesses. Who knows how many will be able to re-open? One thing is for sure, if your business had a plan on what to do in case something catastrophic happened, it would be standing on much better ground today. So, as you look to rebuilding, make sure that one of the most important management tools in any business - Risk Management Planning - is something that you put in your toolbox. It only takes six steps to create your Risk Management Plan and be ready for a catastrophic event. But first, what is a Risk Management Plan? (more…)...
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What Is A Strategic Plan For, In An Indigenous Organisation, Really?

To many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisations, a strategic plan is something that you are made to think is a good idea, that often is required for you to obtain funding. It's a box that grant-funders tick off as if to say that if you had a strategic plan you must automatically show you are deserving. Why? Do these agencies who insist on seeing your strategic plan actually review that plan to see that it is fit for purpose and appropriate for you? Do they subsequently check that you have implemented the plan and that it is driving you in the right direction? Do they care, other than to ensure they have done due diligence? That's the problem. A strategic plan should represent a flag on top of a hill that you strive toward. The reality? (more…)...
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