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Small Businesses Should Plan

Every small business should have a number of plans. It is simply a must - you cannot and should not operate your business in reactive mode all the time. You need to set a direction and work to a schedule. Things might change, but unless you have set a plan into place, it costs too much in time, money and efficiency to simply react to changes. Plans need not be massive documents. All plans, however they look and whatever detail they end up in, should set the end point of where you want to go and some strategy or steps that you will take to get there. At the least, and to some degree, every business needs a business plan, a marketing plan, and a tax plan. What a great time to plan ahead at the end of the financial year. Here are the facts behind each of these plans. (more…)...
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Tax Planning Opportunities

As 30 June approaches there are many ways that taxpayers can defer income, maximise deductions and take advantage of other tax planning initiatives to manage their taxable income. Taxpayers should be aware that they need to start the year-end tax planning process early in order to maximise these opportunities. Of course, those undertaking tax planning should be aware of the potential application of anti-avoidance provisions. However, if done correctly, tax planning can provide a number of tax savings.

At OTS Management, we have already spent the last several weeks working with our clients to analyse tax planning opportunities and have them put into place. For others, here are a few ideas that we quietly run through on behalf of our clients at this time every year.


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10 Steps To Prepare Your Strategic Plan

There are many different models for the preparation of a strategic plan. At OTS Management we use a process that has been synthesised from our learning and experience gained by working with Indigenous organisations since the mid-1980's. We base it around a series of workshops that is a collaborative effort between Board and management. We outline our 10 step process below. (more…)...
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