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The Bureaucracy of Running a Business

For some reason, Government loves bureaucracy. Sometimes, it's for the administration of their income (taxes) and sometimes it's about protecting the consumer (a good thing!). Whatever the reasons are, running a business involves a lot of bureaucracy and "things to do" that you might think have little to do with your business of making something good, attracting people who need it, selling it, collecting the money, paying your people, and building the life you dream of - the old make it, book, it, collect it, and live it! Yet, complying with all these rules is absolutely critical to support the make it, book it, collect it and live it model. If you fail to comply, you could be penalised by a range of penalties from fines to potentially the closure of your business, so you need to pay attention! (more…)...
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Improving Board Performance

I have heard it said that Indigenous corporations are the most studied, with all kinds of reviews, studies, analyses and reports on the performance of Indigenous corporations. If you relate to that you will also relate to the proposal that Indigenous Directors of these corporations have been through the most governance training than any other group! Directors have had specialist workshops on governance, they have attended previous ATSIC sponsored training on governance, they have been sent to ORIC governance training, some have even attended training from the Australian Institute of Company Directors! And yet, improving Board performance is still a hot topic. What can we do to embed "good governance" into practice? (more…)...
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