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Let’s Start Planning 2021 Now!

Well, that's another year about to finish, and what a year it was! From global economic uncertainty to political and international turmoil, from bushfire to Coronavirus. What haven't small business been through? But if you're not careful, another year will slip by you where you haven't really done much to make your business the success you want it to be. I'm not saying you're not working hard, in fact, I'm saying exactly that: "you're working too hard in your business, but not hard enough on your business!" It's time that you really did something other than work hard for no real progress toward your ultimate goal of a successful business that fulfils your passion and your vision, that gives you a great income and a balanced lifestyle. The start of a new year is just the right time to do something different. (more…)...
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Governance of Partnerships and Joint Ventures By Indigenous Organisations

Governance of a partnership, whatever form it takes, is as important as governance in a corporation. In fact, it is exactly the same. Governance is not the same as Management and the two should not be confused – it is critically important to keep them separate. Governance is about providing strategic oversight over an entity. Management is about coordinating day-to-day operations. Governance is like the Principal of a school making sure that all the teachers operate to an approved syllabus, to a required standard. Management is like the teachers deciding how to teach topics between Monday and Friday. If you mix the two up there is a risk that individual teachers will teach topics outside of the syllabus. There is a risk that the required standard of teaching will not be reached. There is a risk that individual students will receive special attention while others receive none. If the Principal decides to interfere with the teaching timetable, they run the risk of not being able to provide the correct standard of teaching within the time allocated. Having the Principal means that there is oversight over syllabus and standards. Having teachers do the teaching means that their role of providing the right type of teaching is applied. Governance...
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