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SMART Marketing – What Is It? How To Do It?

In business, either you engage in marketing or your business dies. Marketing isn't just running a few ads or waiting for referrals. Proper, focused marketing grows sales. Proper focused marketing is about ensuring that the people you want as customers get to hear what you are offering them and why it is perfect for their needs, regularly, consistently and on purpose, driving them from a state of interest to a state of readiness to buy. What if I were to tell you that you can take 7 easy steps to prepare a targeted marketing campaign that will identify your best customers, craft the right messages they want to hear, within marketing activities designed to drive them down the sales funnel? (more…)...
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COVID-19: What If It Happens Again?

Risk has always been a reality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations operating in a context where funding is irregular, activities and operations often in remote and dangerous locations, resources and sufficient training on procedures are scarce, the retention of corporate knowledge and succession of talent is always difficult to maintain, and the risk of fraud and corporate theft always at hand. The recent COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented, catastrophic event that shut down travel, put at risk vulnerable Indigenous Elders, and in some cases closed operations for several weeks. What if it or another more likely or more catastrophic event happened again? (more…)...
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