SMART Marketing – What Is It? How To Do It?

SMART Marketing – What Is It? How To Do It?

In business, either you engage in marketing or your business dies.

Marketing isn't just running a few ads or waiting for referrals. Proper, focused marketing grows sales.

Proper focused marketing is about ensuring that the people you want as customers get to hear what you are offering them and why it is perfect for their needs, regularly, consistently and on purpose, driving them from a state of interest to a state of readiness to buy.

What if I were to tell you that you can take 7 easy steps to prepare a targeted marketing campaign that will identify your best customers, craft the right messages they want to hear, within marketing activities designed to drive them down the sales funnel?

This is the S.M.A.R.T. Marketing system and it's brought to you by our online brand called Teik Oh Dot Com.

I have written a book abo9ut it called "SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps To More Sales" and you can buy it on Amazon or from the publisher here.

I have even written a Workbook with all the templates you need to follow the book and you can get it here.

The S.M.A.R.T. Marketing system follows 7 steps to create your own focused marketing plan.

It takes you through a logical process that you can follow on your own because it uses your own knowledge of your business to follow a guided sequence of steps so that you analyse your products, you analyse your customers, you prepare your "brand", and then choose the most appropriate marketing strategies and put them into a consistent annual plan.

Watch this free video mini-training on why you need a focused marketing plan and how to create your own.



These are the 7 steps in the S.M.A.R.T. Marketing system: -

  1. Identify your real product
  2. Identify your real customer
  3. Match their requirements
  4. Choose the right selling price
  5. Choose appropriate marketing activities for them
  6. Schedule your campaign
  7. Implement and monitor!

Over at OTS Management's related website providing online programs called Teik Oh Dot Com, you can access a DIY online SMART Marketing Program. This is designed as a learning workshop where you download worksheets and follow a video workshop session in a step-by-step process to prepare your own focused marketing plan.

Or, if you just want to stick your toe in the water first, you can get some free marketing resources and training by clicking here.

I hope you try it out!

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