Vision and Values Statement

Teik OhOur Vision

The clients we partner with, as their trusted business advisor and coach, grow and prosper through the service, care and attention we give them.

Our Mission

We are a recognised quality and value-driven boutique consulting and accounting services company that provides extremely personal management consulting and accounting services.

Our boutique-sized client base comprise of commercial, growth-oriented small businesses and forward-thinking Indigenous organisations who value business advice on strategy and growth.

We give our clients comfort in their decision-making providing them with our experience and independent advice which saves them time and helps them grow.

Unlike other accounting services companies, our clients only have contact with Directors.

Our Values

  • We prefer to focus on a small base of quality clients rather than chase volume for the dollar
  • We strive to surprise our clients by exceeding their expectations
  • We value the loyalty of clients and aim to earn that loyalty
  • We use technology and systematised processes for efficiency, reliability and quality in order to create value for money for our clients
  • Our business generates healthy financial and lifestyle rewards for all

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