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Tax Time 2022!

What’s next on the agenda for the government?

With the election campaign finally over and a new government has been sworn in, many Australians will be wondering what a Labor government is likely to tackle over the next term. A helpful starting point is Labor’s election promises, which provide a useful indication of possible areas that will be targeted over the next few years. (more…)...
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Central Issues of Governance in an Indigenous Organisation

As Indigenous organisations mature as corporate entities in this post-Determination era, those who have been on the journey in the last 3 decades have seen them transition from "Associations" to corporations under the CATSI Act. However, the struggle over appropriate governance is still continuing. On the one hand, as corporate entities under an Act that mirrors the private sector Corporations Act, their governance policies and behaviours are expected to be as robust and independent as those of private sector companies. On the other hand, many of these corporations are "closely-held" entities subject to close family relationships and cultural protocols often more powerful than the Act. What are the central issues of governance that post-Determination Indigenous corporations need to be aware of and deal with? (more…)...
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