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How To Explain Your Business Plan To Your Team

So, you've completed your Business Plan? Whatever it is, apart from starting to implement it – do you know what’s the most important thing for you to do now?

Explain it!

Who do you have to explain it to? Well, it depends – if you have a team of employees, you need to explain it to them. If you are work on your own but you use contractors, virtual assistants or friends to help you in your business – you need to explain your plan to them. Even if you work totally alone – you need to explain your plan to at least your spouse and family, if not your bank or other people involved in helping you. These are your “stakeholders” and you need to explain your big new plan to them because people hate change, and a plan represents change. If your plan affects them (how could it not?) you need to explain it to them. You also need to ensure that the people involved know about your plan - and especially the parts that they have to play - so that they can help you as required. You want them enthusiastic about the new ideas and the direction you...
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What Are The Contents Of A Business Plan?

A business plan is an important tool for any organisation to define a roadmap to growth and to chart its progress. For an Indigenous organisation, business plans can be used in not-for-profit community-controlled organisations, as well as social enterprises and Indigenous businesses. But what goes into a business plan? Different consultants and sources seem to indicate different contents, but in reality, there are some basic details you need to include in a business plan. (more…)...
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