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When do you start making profits?

One of the key pieces of information for any business is - what is your break-even point? This is the point of sales volume or revenue, that is required to cover all your costs, being both fixed costs as well as variable costs. At this break-even point your total profit is nil. Before you reach that break even point, you will be making losses. After that break even point, you will be making profits. In order to generate sales, you have to incur costs. You need to know how much you must sell in order to break-even. You can get our free break-even point calculator here. It is an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to calculate your break-even point. So, how do you calculate your break-even point? (more…)...
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Setting Remuneration for Directors of an Indigenous Corporation

Setting Board remuneration for a commercial company is relatively simple. There are a number of databases providing comparative remuneration levels that can be trawled and you can check with Human Resource Employment agencies. Setting Board remuneration for a Not-for-profit is extremely difficult because of the paucity of publicly available information. Multiply that level of difficulty by 10 for information about remuneration of Directors of Indigenous organisations. Trying to shoe-horn "median" rates from general surveys on samples of NFP's into your particular circumstances is so inappropriate, don't even try it. There are no set tables. So what steps can you take in setting equitable remuneration for Directors of Indigenous Boards? I can recommend 6 steps to take to set remuneration for Indigenous Boards. (more…)...
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