The New Style of The Square Orange

The New Style of The Square Orange

Over the years, our client newsletter "The Square Orange" has received complimentary and flattering feedback. Our clients have forwarded it to their colleagues and friends, sharing information and ideas.

Oie__25_the_square_orange_may_2007_ As a result of this marvelous reception, we have had a major re-think and decided to make it available to the public as the OTS Management News-Weblog. We hope you will find it just as informative, and in its new public site, even more readily available to you and your friends.

You can forward the URL (that's address of the website to the not-so computer literate) through some automatic links in your internet explorer by sending the page or the link by e-mail, or you can simply tell them to go to https://otsmanagement.com.au/blog and being on the web it is accessible at any time from any where.

We will be posting entries every month so please add it to your favourites in your internet explorer or bookmark it.

You can even subscribe to its feed by clicking on the link at the right. This will send you a quick email every time an article is posted so that you can keep up to date. From time to time, such as at budget time, we may have more posts than the regular monthly time so the use of the feed is highly recommended.

Over the next few months we will also be adding links to other OTS Management weblogs being The Juice (tips, traps and ideas that was a firm favourite of the old version of The Square Orange but which will now have a blogsite on its own), The Pith (a collection of business and management articles that will contain more depth than the news articles in The Square Orange), and The Zest Factor which will be a free small business course for building and growing your SME. In time we will also post podcasts so that you can download articles to your computer or MP3 player.

It's going to be a busy and exciting time, so get the feed!

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