What People Say MIO

Peter Yu, Vice President First Nations at The Australian National University

peter yu

Teik is an individual of the highest personal and professional integrity. He is a uniquely personable human being with excellent communication skills and capabilities that provides him with the ability to excel in the delivery of his professional responsibilities. He has the fortunate and immense ability to bring out the best in difficult situations.


Joe Morrison, Managing Director of Six Seasons

joe morrison

Teik has provided NAILSMA with professional and highly relevant advice relating to establishment of a new legal entity and its operating and accounting environment. I highly recommend Teik to Indigenous organisations who want advice that suits Indigenous NGO activities.


Julie Melbourne, Manager of Land & Sea Unit at Nyamba Buru Yawuru

julie melbourne

Teik is a highly skilled CEO and Consultant with expertise ranging from Strategic Planning, organisational change and leading businesses at a strategic level.


Geoff Barker, owner of PM+D Architects

geoff barker

I have worked with Teik as a Partner on many projects and also engaged Teik as a Consultant to provide specialist advice and support in a number of areas of expertise: 1. Business consulting including: feasibilities, development processes and ongoing support 2. Holistic development projects - multi-faceted projects involving a range of skilled people - especially those with Indigenous connections 3. Financial analysis and auditing work. In all cases Teik's work is of a high standard and the work comes with integrity and vast knowledge and experience. Teik brings a creative mind to projects, works well in a team and offers value for money and timely work.


Peter Botsman, Honorary Fellow at University of Melbourne

peter botsman

Teik is a terrific bloke. He runs a highly successful accounting and business consultancy in Perth. Always full of ideas and enthusiasm but also a solid and reliable person to turn to for advice. He and I met working on the Indigenous Stock Exchange which supports Australian Aboriginal business start ups. This I think says something about Teik's ethical qualities.


Jacqui Watt, CEO of No To Violence

jacqui watt

Teik is a highly competent and dedicated business manager with a fine eye for detail and a great deal of people skills.


Jodie Bell, Producer at Ramu Productions

jodie bell

Teik is outstanding at what he does. I have used Teik over a number of years in a number of different capacities and each time, he has shown a detailed understanding of the subject he is dealing with, a detailed understanding of our needs (the client) and the environment that we work in, and is always helpful in assisting us to develop ideas and solutions that meet our needs. He always provides great follow up as well, assisting me to implement our solutions. I would highly recommend him to other companies.


Dot West, Head of Productions at Goolarri Media Enterprises

dot west

Teik is a fantastic person to have working for you offering an understanding of your needs and being able to efficiently and effectively deliver on those requirements.

Barry Louvel, Regional Manager at West Kimberley Department of Indigenous Affairs

barry louvel

On many occasions, Teik has demonstrated to me that he has a great ability to take complex problems, clearly identify crucial of issues and develop innovative solutions. He has demonstrated not only substantial professional knowledge, but also a very amiable and empathetic approach to communicating with a broad range of clients.


Neil Fong, Executive Consultant at Keogh Bay Consulting

neil fong

Teik is a professional and reliable consultant that undertakes work with pride and desire to provide a polished ans user friendly product everytime.

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