New Look Website

New Look Website

OTS Management has gone through some subtle changes recently, in particular, realising that the company's brand is changing.

No, not in the things that are in our DNA - our values and service culture will never change. We continue to break our backs to give you the outcomes you need in all our assignments, we continue to act with empathy and understand and respect Indigenous culture, we continue to understand that our work bridges Two Worlds.

What has subtly changed is that we realise our work is more and more centred around the skill and capacities of Teik Oh.


Our service offering is now based on Teik's experience in working with some of the most successful Native Title PBC's, claimant groups, and Indigenous social enterprises.

Teik's service offering is to Guide, help Plan, and Facilitate the growth and development of Indigenous organisations across Two Worlds by listening then using his commercial experience and B2B networks to help the client.

In reflecting these developments OTS Management have revamped the website at www.otsmanagement.com.au and we invite you to have a look at it and tell us what you think.

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