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Leadership Vs Management

harvard picHarvard Business School change management guru John Kotter outlines the fundamental differences between Leadership and Management as follows:- - Establishing direction vs Planning & Budgeting - Aligning people vs Organising and staffing... - Motivating & inspiring vs Controlling & Problem-solving. In Kotter's view, while management produces an order of predictability, order, and the capacity to attain desired short term targets, the qualities of Leadership prodeuces change, often to a dramatic degree and often potentially useful change to create a future vision. In my consulting, I use my own process called vision-driven planning, first creating a vision for the group (in great detail, to the degree that it is internally viable and credible) which is then quantified through a Balanced Scorecard approach ("If we were to achieve our vision, how must we look and behave in the area of..."). The quantification of the vision is converted into Performance Measures, and then these are redirected as Strategies. It works exceptionally well for SME's in creating what I call a "POP" or Plan On a Page. However the obstruction I usually see is lack of "Leadership" in that often the SME owners and managers are extremely concerned with the now...
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Real Business Incubators – How Australian Indigenous PBC’s can stimulate economic development

Business incubation was a concept that started in the United States in 1959 when the Batavia Industrial Centre was opened. Incubation expanded in the US and spread to the UK, then Europe. The following graphic shows a “potted history” of business incubation. real business development In Australia, business incubation was supported by governments in the 1990’s but since then, the term has been somewhat debased by “fashion” and carpet-bagger consultants trying to ride a catchy phrase transformed it to become an offering of its parts rather than as a total concept. Hence many consultants now offer “Business Incubation services” to Indigenous organisations, to the extent that in Indigenous organisations today the term “Business Incubation” means to offer community members some form of support to help them start business, whether this be micro-financing, business planning services, or book-keeping services. While these individual services can help Indigenous small business owners, taken as individual services they cannot holistically help develop a start up business invariably conceived by someone in the community who is starting up from ground zero. Business services provided singly do not provide the support and tailored tutoring and mentorship to ensure the business aspirants are taken on the whole journey of business start-up and establishment. What is an aspirant going to...
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