7 Steps To Prepare Your Focused Marketing Plan

7 Steps To Prepare Your Focused Marketing Plan

At OTS Management, we support small business clients in many ways.

Apart from being your tax accountants, our experience in small business includes the ability to provide you with many tools to use in building your business.

One of them is marketing.

But small businesses don't need an expensive marketing consultant or an Ad Agency getting them to spend money on a spin. Small business owners don't have the time to spend on spin.

They need to have some easy to follow guide to use their own knowledge of their business in the proven steps of marketing to their target.

Don't you?

OTS Management created a brand called Teik Oh Dot Com to provide online business tools to new customers, and one of the products of this online brand is an online learning and workshop Program called SMART Marketing.

SMART Marketing is a 7-step process to use your knowledge of your own business, put it through a business-school process, and prepare a focused marketing plan.

Why focused?

Market with a scatter-gun approach and you might win a customer or two, but most of your message will be lost.

Market with a focus on the customers who actually need your product because it meets their desires and your message will touch every one of them.

SMART Marketing is based on targeting your marketing efforts - a sniper's rifle rather than a shotgun - aimed at a very focused target market.

You need to attract them with the benefits that your product or service will bring them very quickly, and send messages that scream of the needs they have that will be met.

It's based on a book I have written called SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps to More Sales and is accompanied by the SMART Marketing Workbook.

The 7 Steps of SMART Marketing are: -

  1. Identify your real product
  2. Identify your real market
  3. Match their requirements
  4. Use your selling price as a marketing factor for them
  5. Identify the marketing activities that will reach them
  6. Develop your campaign plan
  7. Implement, monitor and improve

This is a video training on steps 1 to 3 of the SMART Marketing Plan.

It will show you how to think of your product - not as a jumble of parts, but for what it does for your customer. It will show you why you need to focus on a target market and not just "everyone" and how you can find customers ready to buy. It will then take you through step 3 on how you adapt your business to appeal to your target customers.

It's about 15 minutes long so it won't take up too much of your time:-


This next video continues with steps 4 to 7 of the SMART Marketing system.

This video goes through how to use your selling price as a factor in your marketing, how to identify the most appropriate marketing activities (not just advertising!) and prepare a targeted campaign to ensure consistency, how to prepare action plans to carry out your strategies, and finally how to put it all together and make sure you follow through.

This is another 15-minute video packed full of tactics:-


There you have it - if you want to know more, my book "SMART Marketing - 7 Easy Steps to More Sales" is available here. The book takes you through the 7 easy steps in a narrative novella and is packed full of detail about how a real-life application takes place. It is accompanied by The SMART Marketing Workbook, available from here, which gives you all the forms, questionnaires and templates you need to put the SMART Marketing system into place. The Workbook is laid out in 7 "workshops" for you and your team to participate just as if I were in the room guiding you all the way.

Our online brand also offers a DIY program for you to follow the step-by-step guide and put together your own marketing plan. It's available here.

I hope you enjoy the videos and learn more about preparing your own marketing plan to increase sales.

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