How To Successfully Implement Your Strategic Plan

How To Successfully Implement Your Strategic Plan

One of the most important tools of managing the operations and growth of your Indigenous Organisation is its strategic plan.

Indeed, if you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll have seen that I have given you systems to prepare your business and strategic plan, along with implementable tools and procedures to move from a compelling vision to actions.

Yet, I still get many questions about how you actually implement your plan successfully. People tell me that while they have followed my training and been able to create practical business plans, the difficulty is in keeping up momentum when they start to implement the plan.

In order to keep up the momentum weeks into the implementation, you need to be able to “see” where you are up to and what you have achieved. That way, you are able to gauge your success, adjust accordingly, and quickly understand what is your next step.

So what’s the secret?

It’s really quite simple. Simple to understand, but hard to put into practice.

I have dealt with this topic on my mainstream online training website for business owners. The principles apply to Indigenous organisations who want to implement their plans.

Watch this video from my online training website Teik Oh Dot Com to find out what the secret is.



So you see, it’s about measurement.

First, understand what is within your control. But not everything is within your control. So, make sure you set milestones and measurements for what you can control. Decide what it is that you want to measure. For example, if the strategy is about marketing to improve sales, you can either measure any improvement in sales itself, or you can measure the return of investment in the marketing spend. In this example, the sales figures themselves may not be within your control – the actual figure may be due to seasonality, or local economic factors. However, the return on investment of your marketing spend is within your control.

Having set the factor to be measured, you can re-examine your strategies and action plans and decide milestones, that is, simply breaking down the ultimate goal into smaller timeframes and measuring the return on investment, in this case perhaps each month, as it grows to the ultimate goal.

Remember, to implement your plan successfully, shoot for the vision, examine external and internal factors, set goals – but when you action-plan the strategies to achieve your goals and move towards your vision, plan for what you can change, keep an eye on what you can’t, set milestones and measurements.

If you would like to know more about how to actually implement your strategic plan on a day by day basis, or if you would like help in developing your strategic plan, contact me at or call my office on 08 9242 2085.

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