Happy New Year! And Some Tips For 2021

Happy New Year! And Some Tips For 2021

Happy New Year to all our "Managing Indigenous Organisations" readers.

It's been a full-on year for leaders and managers of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander corporations so we send you our best wishes for a happy new year ahead!

We hope you have scheduled some time off to spend with family and friends and enjoy a break.

But in looking forward to 2021 we also wanted to give you some tips about some initiatives for the next year, aimed at continuing to grow and improve your corporation.

1. Review or prepare your strategic plan

Before it all starts again, review your strategic plan. Do you need to make any amendments due to changed circumstances? If you don't have a strategic plan, consider preparing one to help you steer toward your ultimate goals.

2. Update or prepare your Policies and Procedures

Over time, your Policy & Procedures manual can get overtaken by changes in personnel and their slight changes to how things are done. A good and accurate record of your Policies and Procedures can improve efficiency by over 50% just because it promotes efficient and authentic procedures.

3. Review your financial performance

Half-way through a financial year is a great time to review where you are between budget and actual, especially in accordance with grant-budgets. Don't get caught when it is too late to make changes or request variations.

That's it from us!

Have a great year in 2021 and we'll send out another valuable article next month. If you are not already on our mailing list click here to subscribe.

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