Strategic Development

Strategic Organisational DevelopmentWe provides clients with Advice from Outside the Square in order to strengthen their organisations and corporations by Guiding, Planning and Facilitating.

We can work with your Board or management on a reasonable retainer or monthly fee basis to provide “on-board” commercial day to day advice. This package will provide you with all-round business counsel expertise:-


  • Provide policy, governance and business advice to Boards
  • Provide operational advice to management
  • Identify needs and solutions on a day to day basis
  • Provide B2B networking opportunities

    • Strategic Planning advice and facilitation
    • Business and Operational Planning advice and facilitation
    • Organisational Chart design
    • Corporate structuring



  • Facilitate the implementation of plans
  • Financial analysis, budgeting and treasury advice
  • Develop business KPI’s from vision and plans, systems, policies and procedures
  • Provide information on a day to day basis on business matters

We can also provide you with developed one-off products that include:-

Change Management


Sales and Marketing

Team Culture Workshops

Human Resources Systems

Business Diagnostics – The Zest Tests

OTS Management